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When you purchase an insurance policy, you are not buying a TV or home appliance. You are entering into a contract with a multi-million or multi-billion dollar company where this company is agreeing to rebuild your home, rebuild your business or defend and indemnify you in the face of potentially catastrophic litigation in exchange for your hard-earned dollar. This contract, or policy, consists of hundreds of provisions including exclusions to coverage and exceptions to exclusions all drafted by teams of lawyers, risk managers and other consultants paid by the insurance company and drafted with the insurance company’s interests in mind. Carlson, Mikuzis & Taylor has your interests in mind.

Carlson, Mikuzis & Taylor’s agents have the experience and knowledge to assist you in tailoring your risk management plan to your needs.  Our founding principals have a combined 100 years of experience assessing the risk management needs of their clients.  In addition to our founding principals, many of our agents come from other professional backgrounds and bring their own unique skillset to the risk management of their clients.  One thing all of our agents have in common is dedication to understanding the unique risks of our clients and using insurance to help protect them.  At Carlson, Mikuzis & Taylor we understand the needs of every client are unique and a risk management plan should be approached in kind.

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Carlson, Mikuzis & Taylor Inc. is always looking for motivated individuals to join the team. If you are considering becoming an insurance producer or are an existing producer looking for a new home, we are happy to discuss the benefits of joining the CMT team. Please complete our contact form and we will contact you.