The Goldilocks Effect

One of the more common questions is, why choose a local company over “the big guys” who you see on TV.

This article talks a little about it.

The main reason is: The very big companies make their money by NOT paying out whenever they can, which means the whole process is set to disenfranchise you of legitimate claims, by not providing for common scenarios. (For example, “full coverage” versus “uninsured motorist” insurance. Ask us for details on what we recommend for your situation.)

On the other hand, the very small insurance companies you see – usually one guy’s name on a billboard in a strip mall – are either just getting commissions for the big guys, or have a real possibility of going out of buisness and leaving you high and dry.

That’s why you should go with us – we’re large enough to handle billion-dollar contracts, but personable enough that you’ll get to know us as you work with us. We have your best interests in mind, and will help you get the coverage you need, so in a worst case scenario, you have peace of mind.